Software on Android

The software on my lineage OS phone is mainly from F-Droid app store. Heres a brief overview:

AegisTwo Factor Authenticator App
AntennaPodPodcast Software
Aurora StoreAlternativ Playstore App
BitwardenAccess to selfhosted Password Safe
Blokada 5DNS Blocker, Custom DNS and VPN App
BromiteBrowser with integrated Adblocker (based on chromium)
DAVx5Webdav Connector (caldav, carddav) for contacts, calendar and tasks
EditorSimple Texteditor
ElementMatrix Chat Client
FairEmailPowerful yet sleak email-client
GadgetbridgeSmartwatch Connector
Simple GalleryPicture and Videogallery
GLS Banking AppApp from my bank
Green WalletBitcoin Wallet
Jitsi MeetApp for video conferencing
Etar CalendarCalendar app
KeepassDXPassword Manager (reads the nextcloud-synced kdb-file)
Nextcloud NotesNotes on Nextcloud
Nextcloud BookmarksBookmarks on Nextcloud
Nextcloud AppFileaccess on Nextcloud
Magisk AppRoot Management
Meditation AssistantMeditation App
My Expenses / Meine AusgabenCheck your expenses
Mullvad VPNApp for Mullvad VPN
Netcup SCPControl my virtual machines on Netcup Hoster
NewPipeAcces to Youtube Videos (incl. download and streaming)
NingScan Devices on the Network
OctoAppOctoprint App from Playstore (via Aurora Store)
Open CameraCamera App
OpenKeyChainManage GPG-Keys
OpenVPNAccess Turris Omnia via VPN
OsmandOpen Street Map Client
Organic MapsMaps App with OSM Data but better interface
Pi-Hole DroidControl your Pi-Hole DNS Filter
QR & Barcode ReaderQR & Barcode Reader
RadiodroidComfortable Internetradio Client
Raspi CheckManage Raspberry Pis (my babymonitor, kodi-pi or backup-server)
SignalMessenger App
Stocks WidgetCheck your stocks
TasksManage your Tasks via DAVx5
TermuxShell on your Android
TremotesfConnect to your Transmission Server
TV KillControl the IR-Transmitter on your smartphone and shut down TVs
TwidereTwitter and Mastodon Client
UltrasonicMusic Client based on Subsonic for Nextcloud Music
VLCVideo and Audioplayer
WardenControl and disable Trackers and Loggers (requieres root)
Wetter notificationShow weather on phone and smartwatch (via Gadgetbridge)
Wifi AutomaticShut down wifi automatically when not connected for x minutes
Wifi AnalyzerCheck signal strengths of wifis around you
ZappTV-App for Germany