monitoring Jitsi with Zabbix

If you want to monitor your Jitsi Server (number of logged on user, running sessions, etc.) with Zabbix you first have to enable Colibri Stats on your Jitsi server secondly import a monitoring Template to your zabbix server Enable stats on Jitsi Server edit /etc/jitsi/videobridge/ and add/alter the lines: then add in /etc/jitsi/videobridge/config : And […]

Critical Mass

I am not an environmentalist in its radical sense (unlike the folks from Extinction Rebellion). That means that I do not refuse to drive a car or ‘waste’ electricity for my servers. But if I have the choice between a common and an environmental friendly approach to problem solution I prefer the latter. This is […]

Lift you skinny fists like freifunk antennas to heaven

After having set up a rather mediocre outdoor freifunk router (in terms of coverage and of being weatherproof) I decided to install a “real” outdoor antenna for my lovely Freifunk. After some research 2 antennas from Ubiquity where in my budget as well as compatible with the Freifunk firmware: Ubiquiti airmax Nanostation M2 Loco (low […]

KODI and Nextcloud

Accessing your Nextcloud Files through Webdav (https) can be quite slow due to the protocol and/or your upstream connection of your nextcloud to the web. It seems to me that if you “mount” the official webdav-path nextcloud is offering into KODI your files are routed through the Internet even when KODI and NC are implemented […]

Wearing a ‘Open Source’ Smartwatch

If you have considered wearing a smartwatch but were afraid of how your personal / vital data gets handled there might be a solution. On F-Droid there is Gadgetbridge: An app for Android that connects to your smartwatch/Fitnesstracker and analyzes your vital data without using the manufacturers proprietary app or sending it to any other […]

NordVPN App snitches personal data

According to Mike Kuketz security blog the android version of the NordVPN app transmits personal data to third parties. If you want to avoid calling it home use the openvpn app from f-droid and use the ovpn-files provided by NordVPN. There is also a tutorial on how to use the ovpn files on NordVPNs website. […]