Raspi BabyCam v2

On my first babycam I used a usb-webcam, LXDE, chrome and Jitsi to get the video signal to the receiver. I needed to replace the camera and decided to buy a used raspberry pi cam (v1.3). I also printed a case for the cam but this turned the camera upside down and the jitsi picture […]

Building a CRYPTO FLOSS DIY babycam

In order to monitor your babies (or whatever you wish) and there is some old hardware available you can easily build your own CRYPTO DIY FLOSS babycam. All you need is: a raspberry pi (3b in my case) and corresponding gear (sd-card, powersupply) the raspbian operating system (with LXDE, not the lite version) a usb […]

Adding Storage with Desktop Pi

The Pi runs Transmission as filesharing deamon and with seeding Debian and other Linux Derivates to the community a lot of diskspace is needed. I didn’t want to hook a an external USB Device because i wanted to avoid a secondary power supply and the “ugly” cables that come with it. On the web I […]

TorRelay on Raspberry Pi

I have moved my Tor-Relay from my Synology NAS to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. This was due to the reason that the TOR-Relay-package from Synology Italy works like a charm on my x86-NAS but not on my “web”-NAS (running on ARM-Processor). Configuration was fine, ports were open but starting the Tor-deamon always brought up […]