Lift you skinny fists like freifunk antennas to heaven

After having set up a rather mediocre outdoor freifunk router (in terms of coverage and of being weatherproof) I decided to install a “real” outdoor antenna for my lovely Freifunk. After some research 2 antennas from Ubiquity where in my budget as well as compatible with the Freifunk firmware: Ubiquiti airmax Nanostation M2 Loco (low […]

Free Internet for everyone with my Freifunk Router

On Ebay Kleinanzeigen I have bought a TP Link WR841ND Router (15,- EUR) that can be installed with the Freifunk Firmware. Download it from the Freifunk Website (pay attention to the hardware version) and flash your Router with it. The Router reboots and is available under (make sure your Computer is connected to the […]