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Hi, I am Arvid, aka apunkt from Ludwigshafen in Germany and this is my website. If you like send me an e-mail at email(at)arvidortwig dot de using my pgp key:

Evolution of this site

The predecessor of this wordpress-site was written with VIM in plain HTML, a dash of css and a free, tiny darkmode js-script that was borrowed from Richard Stallman (which he borrowed as well ;). The site used no cookies and no analytics software.

But in 2019 with more content I decided to switch wordpress. It is running on a Raspberry Pi rented virtual Linux server on my HP Microserver at my home in Hamburg and is connected to the internet via cable modem, firewall and DynDNS the internet. I am also running a HP microserver at my homeoffice which contains several virtual machines hosted by ESXi 6.7 from VWWare:

  • a Mailserver
  • a Tor Relay
  • a Jabber Server
  • a FTP-Server
  • a Mediaserver with minidlna
  • a transmission bittorrent client
  • a nextcloud instance
  • a Zabbix monitoring server
  • a pi-hole instance

All VMs are based on Debian GNU/Linux 9 (my favourite) and are accessible only by shell. Debian is imho easy to handle, stable and comes with a tonful of features. Additionally from all the paket managers debians apt feels most familiar to me.

but why ???

Why all the fuzz you might ask ? as if there weren’t billions of boring websites on the net already and yet there’s another one from this guy which doesn’t even look fancy. Yeah, i guess you’re right. But the main intention of setting up this page / blog is not to entertain but to document my experiments with Free and Open Source Software (FOSS). It also benefits me as I am not forgetting what I did and how I did it. And perhaps this documentation saves me (or others) some time when I need to rebuild a f*cked up a system again. So if you have any questions please send me a e-mail and I am happy to answer.

Education and work

I hate school but I loved studying. I have studied Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Luebeck with focus on IT and Controlling. My diploma thesis was about the implementation of an open source eCRM-Software in small and medium enterprises. Download it here:

I also completed my masters degree in IT-Management at the University College Cork in Ireland. After working as an ERP/CRM Consultant and later as IT-Projectmanager and then Head of IT for a medium sized company in the north of Hamburg, I am now a contract IT Consultant (Freelancer). Check out the services I am offering at https://www.aroconsulting.de. I am a member of Digital Courage as well as the CCC.

How it all began

For my 6th birthday I got a Commodore64 with a monitor and floppy drive and this ugly thing totally hooked me. My friends and me spent nights, weekends, vacations playing games like Giana Sister or Kaiser and fiddling around with the system. Some 3-4 years later a Intel Pentium 386 DX33, a Pentium 486 DX40 (with the mighty “Turbo Button”), and a Intel Pentium 233 MHz were my partners in the digital world. They were leftovers from my father who got the newest HighScreen PC from “Vobis” a popular Computerstore in Germany in the 90s.

At this time I started to use “PC-Tools” and installed MS Windows 3.11 and MS DOS6.2 and did some kiddo Batch-Programming. From 5th to 10th grade we played and traded games like Monkey Island, Hand Of Fate and Leisure Suit Larry on dozens of 3,5 inch floppies. I remember that the games were only running smoothly if you had altered autoexec.bat and config.sys and ran the games on a Ramdisk.

When I was in Highschool I used to organize Network-Parties with the local green party to play games (mainly Starcraft and Quake 1) and share musicfiles with quite a number of other geeks. And with the rise of mp3 (developed in my Hometown of Erlangen (only in German) and the rising popularity of the Internet I finally decided make computers the main aspect of my dull teenage life.

While in highschool I worked for the local computerstore “PC-Stop” in Erlangen as a computer technician and consultant. During that time school was of no interest to me and all the money I earned at the PC Store and offering computer services for friends and neighbors (setting up websites, configuring PCs, teaching them how to use the internet) went into buying new hardware from the store.This led to a quick evolution of my used hardware. I remember a AMD K6 II 450 MHz and later the 800 MHz being part of my list.

During the time I worked for PC-Stop I also got in contact with SuSE Linux from Nuremberg. I sta and I am happy to answerted with 6.0 und used KDE as Desktop Environment. For the first couple of years I sticked with SuSE but was also running Windows for the games. During an internship at TechData (a big IT distributor in Germany) I bought my first laptop HP NC6000. It was the first device I was running Debian Linux and Gnome on. Now I am running 2 different laptops. The Thinkpad X240 is with FEDORA 27 and Gnome and my other beauty is a Thinkpad X60S upgraded to the max with 4 Gigs of RAM and a 250 GB SSD is on Debian and XFCE. This is where this website has been written on.

What I also like

As you might have guessed, I am an audiophile person. I mainly listen to Rockmusic and my favourite Band is Motorpsycho from Norway. Check out the german Wikipedia Entry I started. I love how it has evolved.

I also played drums in a Rock Band called Tinitus. Check out the song “Indisch2” which consists of 2 parts where the second one is starting at 2:45 mins:

Furthermore I am interested in philosphy, free thinking and free speech as well as life long learning. I am convinced that being able to learn constantly and therefore to improve ones understanding of the world is the key to happiness.

I also love reading. Reading books and stories means making experiences from your sofa and living someone elses life for a short time without taking the actual effort of moving your butt 😉 Just kidding, I love experiencing things on my own, but you can learn fast while you read.

Have fun

Geek Code

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