Adding Storage with Desktop Pi

The Pi runs Transmission as filesharing deamon and with seeding Debian and other Linux Derivates to the community a lot of diskspace is needed. I didn’t want to hook a an external USB Device because i wanted to avoid a secondary power supply and the “ugly” cables that come with it. On the web I […]

TorRelay on Raspberry Pi

I have moved my Tor-Relay from my Synology NAS to a Raspberry Pi running Raspbian. This was due to the reason that the TOR-Relay-package from Synology Italy works like a charm on my x86-NAS but not on my “web”-NAS (running on ARM-Processor). Configuration was fine, ports were open but starting the Tor-deamon always brought up […]

Monitoring my Web-Pi

Wanting to monitor the activity on my Pi I found two interesting pieces of software on the web NYX – a Console Based graphical Monitor for your TorRelay Pi-Control – A web-based monitoring Software for your Pi Check out these two projects. I found them very helpful and easy to install. Hint: If you want […]