Run your own mailserver with mailcow

somehow running your own mailserver never appeared possible for me. First of all, the whole mailserver, webinterface and antispam construction seemed to be too much hassle for me to set up on my own. Secondly the reputation for e-mails sent from an own hosted mailserver used to be pretty bad. I have heard that other mailservers wouldn’t accept these e-mails because, for certain reasons, they where classified as spam. DKIM and DMARC flags where missing.

At the Hacking in Parallel Conference in Berlin smart people recommended me the one-stop-shop-solution MailCow: a dockerized e-mail server with everything you that is necessary to provide a secure and convenient mailserver experience. It’s got a webinterface for managing the server and all its components from postfix, dovecot to rspamd and clamav and more. It is using the sogo groupware client for providing the Mail, Calendar and contacts interface. It provides encrypted mail and webtransfer and also 2FA.

And the best of all: Its idiot proof to set it up. Everything is dockerized and runs out of the box. Incredible job done here !

Hint: If you want to run this server at Hetzner: Make sure you “apply” for opening the ports 25 and 465 for sending out mails. They’re blocked by default:

Btw: Regarding my concern of mails being classified as spam. I got a 10/10 from