Application Launcher “ULauncher”

If you are familiar with MacOS you probably have come across the “Spotlight” search or even its more powerful siblings Alfred or Raycast. All of them provide search-functionality and launch applications through a little searchbar that pops up once you press a shortcut. Usually Ctrl+Space oder Command+Space.

The tool “Ulauncher” is similar to Raycast with the option to launch applications, search for files, open websites with shortcuts or even extend its functionality with extensions. For example search bitwarden for passwords, paste text-snippets (I am prefering Autokey though) start VMs or a Remmina-Session.

I can highly recommend that app and hope for lots of extensions more to come.

Update: If you are using wayland there might be issues with using the hotkey to bring ulauncher to the front. Here is how to fix this: