Running your own matrix-server

Matrix is an open standard and communication protocol for real-time communication. In short: something like Signal, Threema or WhatsApp.

With one exception: while the former are centrally managed via a company Matrix Servers are federated: Everybody can run a Matrix server.

Furthermore every server is able to communicate with any other matrix server. Like e-mail servers. Signal cannot (yet) talk the Threema and vice versa.

Matrix has even been chosen by the german army to be there messenger of choice for obvious reasons: The army can run their own servers and is independent from others running servers for them (that would be the case for Signal or Threema).

So what did i do ? I set up my own private matrix-server.

How did I do it ? Carsten helped me here with his excellent website: but also the blogpost from Mathew helped a lot here:

You can now reach me at:

Migrate from sqlite to postgres

If you have started with the plain sqlite.db here is a script to migrate to postgres-db:

Zabbix Integration to Matrix

If you want to use your matrix to get in-time notifications from your Zabbix server check out this procedure: