Raspi Babycam v3 with MotionEye

On the open source social network Mastodon I am following gnulinux.ch who brings up interesting news all around GNU/Linux.

So gnulinux.ch has recently posted news about a release of the MotionEye Software which is a web-based frontend for motion. Usually motionEye and motion are used to record videostreams when motion is detected on one of the attached cameras. This is especially useful for security and surveillance cameras but I wanted to simply use MotionEye to show a videostream on a Website vor app and use it for a better version of my babycam v.1 and babycam v.2

MotionEye is using a leightweight webserver that displays (multiple) streams from different videocameras. As it is capable of running on a raspberry pi and feeds the videostream from a raspi-cam, it’s very easy to build your own babycam with it. The ui-design is well done and provides lots of customization options. Many can be changed on the fly like resolution, framerate, recording options and so on.

The motioneye app is also available on F-Droid and on the appstore for iOS.

After installing it with these instructions https://github.com/ccrisan/motioneye/wiki/Install-On-Raspbian you can open up the app or a webbrowser and after some changes (I for example disabled the autorecording functionality when motion is detected) everything is good to go.