open source password safe “Bitwarden”

Bitwarden is an open source passwordsafe software similar to KeepassX, but with a huge difference: It is based on a webserver which stores and manages the passwords (and notes as creditcard info and identities) centrally. So the data can be synchronized end2end-encrypted easily throughout different plattforms like desktops, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Bitwarden can be used as a cloud service run by bitwarden or, as in my case, installed on premise in your own environment. It provides

  • saving and organizing of sensitive data/passwords/texts
  • Multifactor authentication with app or token
  • sharing of passwords in organizations
  • propose safe passwords through password generator
  • haveibeenp0wned – Password analyzer
  • share safe notes with externals
  • and more

Additionally to the webinterface there are several different methods to access Bitwarden:

  • Browseraddon for Firefox and Chrome(-derivates)
  • Installable application for Linux, Mac and Win
  • Apps for Android and iOS (with helpful integration as password provider)

Thumbsup: The android app for bitwarden can be installed with their repo on f-droid

The Installation is based on docker and runs smothelessly. Maintaining and backuping of Bitwarden is easy to do. The interface for the webservice and the apps is simple and clear.

It is possible to have multiple users using the free Bitwarden service on their own. But as soon as password sharing is needed (like in organizations or families) there is a small fee to pay.

I have used Bitwarden and running the installation on my own server at for some months now and I am very happy with it and can recommend it to anyone…