Connect Nextcloud and MS Teams

As Head of IT for a medium sized company it is my duty to make data and the internally used software reliable, trustfull and accessible to all of the companies employees. The usage and development of Open Source Software is therefore vital to keep control over the data which the company is using and producing.

I am therefore proud to announce that we have decided to support Mr. Dirk Riehle and Nextcloud with the AMOS Project.

The aim of this specific project is to develop Open Source Software through students together with partners of the industry. In our case roughly 8 students will develop a plugin to connect Nextcloud installation to a Microsoft Teams collaboration instance. Nextcloud should then act as a surrogate for MS Sharepoint Online which is automatically an integral part of MS Teams.

The plugin will be developed over the wintersemester 21/22 at the University of Erlangen and the TU Berlin. The Github Repo can be found here

Looking forward to getting back some control over your data within MS Teams !