September 2021

Data-Experiment “Made to measure”

This is a documentary about an art-project. The artists wanted to show how someones life could be reconstructed by only analyzing the data stored in the persons google-profile without ever meeting or talking to the person. Thrilling:

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Freifunk@Filmfestival LU

The Filmfestival Ludwigshafen 2021 is over. The Freifunk Antenna on the roof of my house did a decent job: Even though it rebooted once in a while. I assume it couldnt handle more than 30 clients at once. The next time i will set up a separate router with Freifunk Software and a sector-antenna. We will see how that goes 😉

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Launch AppImages via Desktop File

I have downloaded the newest Cura Slicer Software as appimage and wanted to start it through my gnome favourites. To do so you need to create a .desktop file that refers to the appimage and add To change the icon you can choose any icon that is stored under just by naming it.

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