Upgrading VMWare ESXi 6.7

Upgrading your VMWare ESXi instance is quite easy if you know how 😉

Enable SSH in your webinterface and login via SSH to the esx-shell.

Download the patch via wget from https://my.vmware.com/group/vmware/patch#search and enter following commands:

Enable maintenance mode

vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter

install the update from your datastore:

esxcli software vib install -d "/vmfs/volumes/datastore1/update-from-esxi6.7-6.7_update01.zip"

Notice that the command is not “upgrade” which requieres to update all predecessing upgrade packages, but “install” which allows to install the Update directly.

Finally reboot and disable the maintenance mode:

vim-cmd hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit