VMS with oracle virtual box instead of gnome boxes

Unfortunately Windows is still neccessary to do taxes online in Germany (with Elster – Elektronische Steuererklärung). Thats why I need to run Windows on a virtual machine on top of my Debian 10 / Gnome System. With Gnome theres “Gnome Boxes” coming, a interface for QUEMU. While Boxes allows to install and run VMs quite easily working on it through a virtual Windows Interface, is slow and lacks performance.

Windows offers gui access through RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), which is quite fast and comfortable, but even after extensive search and fixing attempts I have not managed to create a bridged network connection within Gnome Boxes. Even with the “Virt-Manager”, where I can pick a bridged connection, I was not able to establish one to connect to the VM via RDP through the local network.

Carsten Rieger, a skilled Nextcloud consultant, recommended using Oracle Virtual Box. I installed the deb-package and configured it quickly for a brigded network mode. After installing Windows and activating the RDP-Connection access I can now work on my windows through Reminna even in “headless” mode. So the only GUI running is the one Remmina (RDP-Client for Gnome) provides and that saves memory and CPU time. Good stuff !

If RDP is not an option for you you can install the “VBox-Guest-Additions” to run the native VBox Gui even fullscreen in your preferred resolution. Without the additions only limited resolutions are available. But from my experience this way of accessing it is not as smooth as with RDP.