Kodi Media Centre with Odroid C2

The Raspberry Pi 3s Ethernet Port is only capable of 100 MBit/s and is furthermore connected to the USB2.0 Chip. For comfortably browsing through Photos of 5 to 7 MB from my mediaserver this is not enough speed.

The Odroid C2 comes with a Gigabit Ethernet connection and “more power under the hood” (as we say in Germany ;). It also provideds a much faster Emmc Slot compared to the mini-sd-card of the Pi.

Coreelec is a great KODI distribution for the Odroid C2 which is still being maintained unlike LibreElec for the Odroid C2.

Download the tar package and unpack it with:

Tar xzvf coreelec.img. gz

then write it to your emmc- or SD card

dd if=/pathtoimg/coreelec.img of=/dev/mmcblk0