Adding Storage with Desktop Pi

The Pi runs Transmission as filesharing deamon and with seeding Debian and other Linux Derivates to the community a lot of diskspace is needed. I didn’t want to hook a an external USB Device because i wanted to avoid a secondary power supply and the “ugly” cables that come with it. On the web I found a neat little Housing for the Pi which is called Desktop Pi. It’s about 40,- EUR and the little black box comes with a Power Switch and a board (attachable to the Pi via GPIo) that provides a mSATA Port for Drives as large as 1 TB. For me 256 GB will do the job. Installation is fairly easy. Just, once the Pi is put in the Housing, you have to unbuild it to replace the flash card 🙁 I have also attached a little fan 30mm x 30 mm to the inside to cool the Pi down from 60° C to 50° C. Make sure you have the driver package pidesktop-base installed. Overall a nice little thing which was meant to stand on ones desk but now found its space in my little server rack.