DIY Hifi with Volumio and HifiBerry

In case you are looking for a device to play your FLACs heres the ideal solution. Its cheap, it has SUPERB audio quality and it’s fun to build it (DIY 😉

The Software is Volumio a free and cost effective network audio player which has a responsive html interface. It runs on a raspberry pi and different other plattforms (e.g. x86, Sparky and many others). You can attach a 7” Touchdisplay to it and add plugins for Spotify and others.

The DAC (digital audio converter) is a HiFi Berry DAC+ Pro. It has integrated dual-domain ultra-low-jitter clocks and gold-plated RCA connectors. Its running on a dedicated 192kHz/24bit high-quality Burr-Brown Chip. The board connects directly to the Raspberry Pi via GPIO and there are no additional cables needed. The sound quality is unvelievable.

Connect it to an amp and enjoy your FLACs in a complete new quality.