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"Formerly known as Bitte-ein-Byte.de"


I am Arvid and this is my Website. I live in Hamburg, Germany. Since ever computers and IT have been playing a big role in my life. Mainly because of the possibilites to store an manage music ;) As you might have guessed, I am an audiophile person. Music is the one of the most important aspects in my life. I mainly listen to Rockmusic. Furthermore I am interested in philosphy, free thinking and free speech as well as life long learning. I am convinced that being able to learn constantly and therefore to improve ones understanding of the world is one of the amazing things in life. I also love reading. Reading books and stories means living someone elses life for a short time.

I have studied Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Luebeck (here's my Diploma Thesis, 2,3 MB) and IT-Management at the University College Cork. I now work as Head of IT for a medium sized company in the north of Hamburg.

If you like to get in contact with me write me an e-Mail: Arvid.Ortwig_at_Posteo.de.
If you like to encrypt your E-Mail feel free to use my public GPG-Key https://arvidortwig.de/Arvid.Ortwig_2017_at_posteo.de.pub.asc


If you are interested in more information about the tools I use, the projects I support or the people I follow consider browsing the following websites:

Tools on Ubuntu Linux

This is a brief overview about the tools I found best working for my purposes on my daily work on Ubuntu:

Have fun

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