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"Formerly known as Bitte-ein-Byte.de"


Hi, I am Arvid and this is my Website. I live in Hamburg, Germany. Since ever computers and IT have been very important to me. Mainly because of the possibilites to store an manage music ;) As you might have guessed, I am an audiophile person. I mainly listen to Rockmusic. Furthermore I am interested in philosphy, free thinking and free speech as well as life long learning. I am convinced that being able to learn constantly and therefore to improve ones understanding of the world is the key to happiness.
I also love reading. Reading books and stories means living someone elses life for a short time.

I have studied Engineering and Business Administration at the University of Applied Sciences in Luebeck focussed on IT and Controlling. My diploma thesis was about the implementation of an open source eCRM-Software in small and medium enterprises. (download my diploma thesis here, PDF, 2,3 MB).
I also completed my masters degree in IT-Management at the University College Cork in Ireland. I now work as Head of IT for a medium sized company in the north of Hamburg.

If you like to get in contact with me write me an e-Mail: Arvid.Ortwig_at_Posteo.de.
If you like to encrypt your e-Mail feel free to use my public GPG-Key https://arvidortwig.de/Arvid.Ortwig_2017_at_posteo.de.pub.asc

Have fun

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Vote against data retention by the german government

I just signed the petition against data retention. Please support this petition, too. https://digitalcourage.de/weg-mit-vds


If you are interested in more information about the tools I use, the projects I support or the people I follow consider browsing the following websites:

Tools on UbuntuGnome Linux

This is a brief overview about the tools I found best working for my purposes on UbuntuGnome Linux. I prefer native Gnome GTK-Applications where possible as they adapt to the global Gnome dark theme.

Running a TOR Relay on a Synology NAS

If you are interested on running a tor relay on your synology NAS (x86 not ARM) you easily can use this Package TorRelay_Intel_x86_0.2.4.23-018.spk
For further Information or Packages for other CPU-types go to the Website of the Synology Italia SPK repository. This was the only one where i found working packages for running a TOR relay.

F-Droid Tools on CyanogenMod 13

On my smartphone I am running Cyanogenmod 13
The following APKs are the most suitable for me. I download the from the open-source App-Store F-Droid.